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i like do sport and my favorite sport is mixed martial arts,my favorite film scary movie but i like too american pie is very funny my favorites foods are beans,paella and tipical food from colombia "sancocho and bandeja paisa"in spanish language ok? i want meet pleople,if you want meet me write in facebook ok takecare.

dissabte, 9 d’octubre de 2010

cali, colombia

I was born in this town , is very nice , 4 million pleople live here  i love my native town,because pleople is humble.

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  1. hey
    nice blog!;)
    is your native town 'the' colombia in south america?
    i would be happy if u wrote some comments on my blog;) (vagabhannes)
    greetings, hannes :)


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i´m from colombia,but as you already know i live in spain, i like go out with my friends and dance.